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Book clubs? – the best part is the social aspect – meeting up, eating a meal together, sharing life experiences and then, oh yes… discussing the book we’ve read!

I’ve read books I would never have even glanced at in a book shop, they would have been totally off my “must read” radar and so, as a result of our book club, I’ve been introduced to new authors, writing skills, subject matter and content – definitely a good thing.

Sculpture is similar to a book in many ways.  There are very many different styles, choices of material, subject matter and then finally, proficiency in execution.  Not every sculpture is appealing, it’s always subjective.


I’m a member of Sculpture Network – as with a book club, there are opportunities to meet up, socialise and be introduced to new works/sculptors.Recently, I attended a Sculpture Network evening with the sculptor and Royal Academician, Cornelia Parker – very much hot off the press with her appointment as the official Election Artist for 2017 – and, even more newsworthy – the first sculptor, and woman, to be appointed in this position.

I’m interested in sculpture, that’s why I attended the event at the Frith Gallery in Golden Square – however, Cornelia Parker is a lady of many skills, including video installations and artwork. Had I known there would only be one sculpture in the gallery – ALTER EGO – (shown below) I probably would have declined the invitation.
Alter Ego by Cornelia Parker at Sculpture Network evening

More fool me – we had one of the most interesting talks I’ve ever attended.

Art, in whatever form it takes, is so much more enjoyable and understandable if you are given an insight into how and why it came into being, especially if you are told by the artist herself.  I’m not fully converted to video installations but I’m now not a closed book for any future installations that I might come across.  I will stop, watch and try and get something out of the installation, rather than walking past it without a second glance.

This is the advantage of joining a humble book club or something altogether much more official, a “Society” in whatever field of interest you have.  My eyes are being opened!



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